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Worship Support Ministries

The dynamism of our worship is a result of the many groups of people that work to make it happen.

Acolytes—baptized persons from those in 4th grade and above, including adults—enhance worship by leading processions, carrying banners, and serving at the altar.
Linda Ryder-Wolf

Altar Flowers & Sanctuary Light
The Altar Flowers and Sanctuary Light may be given in memory or in thanksgiving of loved ones on Sundays. Sign up online if you would like to make an offering to Epiphany for altar flowers or the sanctuary light in honor of someone.

Altar Guild
The Altar Guild consists of men and women who work in teams once a month to prepare the church for worship services, the administration of the sacraments, the celebration of the seasons of the church and feast days, and the care of the linens and vessels. It is a quiet and reverent behind-the-scenes ministry.
Kathleen Rinehart
Annie Strahan

Baptismal Banners
Felt Baptismal Banners are prepared by church members for each child baptized and are displayed during the liturgy. All crafters are welcome to create these simple, cherished offerings.
April Freeman

Flower Guild
The Flower Guild prepares flower offerings for Sundays, weddings and funerals, and decorates the church for feast days.
Leah Felcher
Nadine Howarth

Lectors, Lay Readers & LEMs
Lectors, Lay Readers and Lay Eucharistic Ministers read the lessons (Lectors), lead the Prayers of the People (Lay Readers), and assist in administration of Holy Communion (LEMs). All volunteers (except children younger than 16) serving in these three roles must be confirmed members of the parish.
Martha Rummel

Liturgy Group
Our liturgy group meets monthly to plan and coordinate our liturgical life. This group meets at the pleasure of the Rector and acts in a consultative role.
The Rev. Benno D. Pattison

Ushers support worship by locating seats, passing out bulletins, collecting and presenting the alms and oblations, and guiding people to communion stations. Ushering is an opportunity to meet new people first and welcome them to our family at Epiphany.
At 8:45 a.m. - Margo Timberlake
At 11:15 a.m. - John Keys

Vergers are an appointed group of people that work in service of the liturgy. Vergers prepare for the liturgy, they lead processions, fill in vacancies, and tend the needs of the clergy during the liturgy. Vergers are at their best when they successfully help the liturgy function without mishap or perceived confusion.
Diane Mundy

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