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Pastoral Care

Dennis Edmiston, Vestry Liaison
Ann Fowler, Vestry Liaison
The Rev. Dr. Sharon Hiers, Staff Liaison

Casserole Brigade
Members of the Brigade provide meals and other kinds of support to parishioners in times of challenge and crisis—a new baby, an illness, a death in the family, as yet another way of showing our love and concern for people in need.

Eucharistic Visitors
Eucharistic Visitors, also known as Home Communion Ministers, extend the Eucharist beyond the church itself by taking the sacrament to sick or shut-in parishioners. Any adult communicant may be licensed to serve with permission and training from the rector.

Funeral Receptions
When a family requests it, parishioners are available to put together a simple reception in Jones Hall following the funeral service. This can be a real comfort to families as they struggle with the grief of having lost someone.

Guild of the Christ Child
This guild is for newborns and their families. Please contact the clergy when a child is born or adopted. A bootie with your names and the child’s name will be placed on the Guild of the Christ Child bulletin board in the crossing hall. A member of the guild will also visit your home to deliver a gift for your child.


Pet Ministry
Pets are important members of our families and some of our greatest spiritual teachers and companions. This ministry offers lay spiritual support and other resources for pet owners in our congregation. Comfort, joy and community for those who love animals and all of God's creation. For many humans, our animal companions are true family to us and they even have the ability to inspire us into being better people. Their purity and honestly, their loyalty and steadfastness, their patience with us and forgiveness of foibles, their unbridled capacity for joy, play and love - and their ability to live fully in the present moment - remind us about the life that we all strive to live. Through this unique ministry at The Church of The Epiphany, we share a commitment to respond to God's call to be of use to others and to care for all of our animals and for all creation.

The Pet Ministry supports the following goals and activities:

  • Annual Blessing of the Animals on the Feast of St. Francis service at 5 p.m., Sunday, October 7, 2018
  • Pet Food Collection for those in need during the month of October

For more information, contact Pat Hudson at 678.772.4066.

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