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Capital Campaign

February 21, 2018

Dear Epiphanites,

On behalf of the wardens, vestry and people of Epiphany, I want to let you know of some upcoming improvements that we want to undertake at the church. (See Landscape Site Plan listed below).

More than two years ago, we began a study and consequent Capital Campaign to make some improvements to our infrastructure. So far we have raised more than $800,000.00 in commitments with over $200,000.00 already in the bank.

We plan to do several things with this money.

First, we would like to take down the yellow house we own at 2103 Ponce de Leon Avenue. The house is a 1970s ranch style house that does not fit with the style and character of the beautiful houses that line Ponce de Leon Avenue. Unfortunately, the house is not in good condition and it is cost prohibitive for the church to make the necessary repairs to the structure. We plan to keep this as greenspace and when the funds are available, we will spruce up the area with more plants and/or a garden. Some of the plantings will help us create more buffer between our property and the adjacent neighbor.

Second, we are going to get rid of brush piles, excavate some of the noxious undergrowth, trim the canopy and remove dead, dying, and underdeveloped saplings.

Third, we plan to renovate our point (the area currently occupied by the playground and that is bordered by Ponce de Leon and East Lake Avenue). We’d like to extend our patio and lawn space and give us more usable space in this area. Importantly, this will take church foot traffic away from the area near our neighbors and towards the currently underutilized area where the two roads meet.

Fourth, we intend to re-vision our parking so that it feels more like our ‘garden’ than a parking lot. We will do this by adding flowers, some trees and planters to heighten the aesthetic as visitors arrive.

Fifth, we will retire our long-standing debt from the last building and renovation which took place in 2004.

We would like to accomplish all of this in this next calendar year and anxiously await the outcome of a more beautiful, friendly and welcoming environment. Our next step is to apply for permits from DeKalb County to get this work done.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me (404.373.8338) and I will be happy to talk with you at length about any or all.


The Rev. Benno D. Pattison, Rector

Katie Pedersen,Vestry Liaison

Landscape Architect is Breed Love Land Planning. The plan includes cleaning up and trimming the grounds, renovation the point (playground and sign area), extending patio and lawn space, and landscaping the parking lot.

Landscape site plan can be found here.


Building Architect is House and Walker. Master Building Plan Option A involves renovating the Byrd House for staff offices; Option B involves razing the Byrd House and adding on the equivalent square footage to the main building.

Master plan can be found here.

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