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Art Ministry

The Art Ministry is about providing emerging artists a venue to showcase their work through monthly exhibits in our gallery. Over the years, we have exhibited many parishioners work including painting, photography and mixed media, as well as work by many other local artists. God’s bounty of creation is shared through these diverse and changing exhibits that also include art from Emmaus House and Holy Comforter, art related to the church calendar and visual supports for Adult Education programs. In the case of diocesan groups, they benefit by receiving 100% of any sales. By exhibiting their creative work, other artists receive more exposure and opportunity for sales. Our parish benefits by having interesting work that enhances our space and by retaining 25% of any sales.

The work of the ministry includes: finding and scheduling the artists, installing their work in our gallery, introducing the artist through articles in The Epiphany Star, and accounting of sales. At the end of each calendar year, annual profits are distributed toward needs (mostly with a visual component) in the parish as determined by the committee and the Rector. In the past Art Ministry profits have gone to Vacation Bible School, Outreach, new vestments for our clergy and a wireless microphone system for the church.

Liefy Smith, 404.378.3356


Epiphany’s Art Ministry

welcomes for the month of April mixed media art by Elise Aronson

Artist Bio

Elise Aronson is mixed media assemblage artist. She was born in St.Louis,  Missouri, but has spent most of her life in Atlanta, Georgia. She received a Bachelor in Visual Arts in Art Education from Georgia State University and served as an art educator in public and private schools. Elise is a member of the Atlanta Collage Society and the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance.

Elise’s art is inspired by her spiritual practice and her love of collecting natural objects, vintage items, and ephemera. Recently, she has broadened into the art of encaustic painting -- working with pigmented wax -- which has given her assemblages a new dimension.

25% of all sales benefit Epiphany.  Please make checks out to Elise Aronson

To make a purchase, sign up on the list in the Gallery, fill out an envelope and put it with your check in the box on the round table. No cash please. Be sure to note the title and number of the art piece. All paid for items will be left in the office area at the end of the month.

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