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Our Icon

In February, 1995, after looking at several icons and photographs of many others, after speaking to several icon artists, after conferring with the rector of Epiphany, Katharine Hilliard-Yntema began talking with Icon artist Father Damian to make a "Loving kindness" icon for Epiphany.

It was decided that the icon would be of the type called "Our Lady of Tenderness" or "Loving kindness". Sketches and photos of Katharine's daughter (to illustrate what a real child looks like) were exchanged, and the work began.

Old jewelry ("doodads") were gathered by Katharine from Epiphany members and others for possible inclusion in the icon. The icon was delivered to Atlanta prior to Christmas, 1995.

Other details concerning the icon:

  • The icon was being constructed during the last period of the life of Lee Eberhart, who prayed for it as it was being created and who contributed the large brooch at the bottom of the icon. The Brothers prayed for her as well as for other members of our congregation.
  • The icon was painted in egg tempera.
  • After the icon was created, it was coated with olifa, a traditional varnish that soaks into the egg tempera and seals the colors. It will therefore remain soft for some time and need to be re-applied in about 75 years (though without harm to the painting).
  • Our icon is very much in the Byzantine style.
  • The pose is based on a fresco from a Church in Constantinople (now Istanbul).
  • The icon is partially based on conversations between Katharine and Father Damian about what she wanted and her relationship with her child.
  • The artist is Father Damian, 938 Merry St., Augusta, GA 30904.
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